Custom Design Plush Toys: Building Consumer-Brand Relationships

Touching the emotions of the customers is one thing but having a deep connection is another. When you are targeting children, one of the best tools should be a custom design plush toy. But then, adults who are kids at heart are also fond of it. In this blog, discover why plushies touch the emotion of these groups in the market. 

Emotional Triggers to Affect Customer Purchasing Behaviors

Human decisions are most likely triggered by emotions. As marketers, it is highly important to understand what are the factors that influence the buying behaviors of your target market. Once you tap this information, you can now relate to their pain points and can now address the right solution. 

  1. Fear
    There are a lot of things that frighten people. The fear of being alone, being left behind. For kids, they have so much fear of being left alone at home or in their bedrooms. This is the reason why parents buy stuffed toys that kids can hug in the middle of the night. 

  2. Trust
    What makes a customer loyal to your brand? It is when they already trust the quality they are buying from you. Hence, breaking their trust has a great impact as well on your business. 

  3. Value
    We all wanted to feel valued. Customers want to experience being prioritized. When clients recognize that you see them more than just payers, but people you really care about, they will always support your business. 

  4. Sense of Belongingness
    This emotion is priceless, we all know that. People desire to have a community that accepts them, loves and supports them for who they are. It is also important to make them feel belong in the brand you promote. 

  5. Rejection
    It is tough being rejected, right? Same as with customers. When they feel rejected or unaccepted, they tend not to see the relevance of your brand to them. 

The Relevance of Plush Toys to Human Emotions

Based on studies, stuffed toys are loved by many children and adults who are kids at heart because of the following reasons:
  1. Source of comfort. Stuffed toys are one of the human's stress reliever. It makes them feel reassured. 
  2. Sleeping Buddy. Most kids can't sleep without a parent. So, this is parents' partner to make sure their children can practice sleeping even without them. 
  3. Stuffed toys are always smiling. This triggers the happy emotions of the customers. We feel good when we see smiles based on research. 
  4. Best hugs. Big stuffed toys give big hugs. Customers, mostly adult women love it!
  5. Easy to clean up toys. Compared to other toys, plushies are easier to clean. It is also more sustainable. 

How can Custom Design Plush Toys Strengthen Consumer-Brand Relationships?

The consumer-brand relationship is how the customer's experience, feel, and see your brand. Now, with these customized plush toys, you can maximize this aspect in marketing to your business. Here's how:
  • Create designs matched to your branding
Are you in the cosmetic business? Why not create a lipstick-designed plushy, or a brush, compact foundation? How about a plushy of your promotional mascot brand? Attach your business in the plushy, surely, customers will have better brand recognition. 
  • Produce custom plush toys for kids
Kids love stuffed toys. They will automatically pick up plushies when rounding in malls. Produce adorable custom plushy designs. 

  • Design custom plushies for adults
Adults also need to be comforted. There are some grown-ups who still collect or buy plushies. Based on studies, soft toys actually relieve their stress. 
  • Add innovative features
Go beyond the limits. Why not add innovative features to your custom design plush toys? You may add sounds or lights. Customers will also be delighted if they can bring it anywhere. So why not produce pillow plushies? 


In conclusion, custom plush toys are an effective way to strengthen your consumer-brand relationships. Touching the emotion of your customers doesn't mean you are manipulating them, it's actually addressing their pain points. Connecting to them through emotions is the best achievement a business can get. 

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