Kinder's Enchanting Plush Toy Packaging in One: What Makes it Trendy?

Treat, discover, play. Kinder’s tagline is so much alive in their products. And so in their latest product packaging - a plush toy packaging - which is spotted in Sharjah Airport in UAE. Kinder’s irresistible sweet chocolate products come in this enchanting plush toy packaging. The words treat, discover, and play are truly evident in this plush toy packaging for chocolates. As business owners, you should also start considering having this customized packaging to represent your brand in the market and surefire more sales. 

Why Plush Toy Packaging is Effective for Kids Marketing?

If you are in a business and one of your biggest target markets is kids, plush toy packaging is undeniably a wise idea. As we all know, packaging plays a big role in advertising our brand. It does not just protect the products inside, but it also entices shoppers. Packaging is the first thing buyers see before the items. That is why plush toy packaging is extremely effective for marketing to kids. Here are the reasons why:

  • Appealing to kids

What makes an item appealing to kids? First is the color. There must be red, orange, or yellow in the color combination of the packaging. These colors are said to be happy, vibrant, and, appealing to children. You must take in mind that happy and playful energy attracts children. 

  • Get kid's attention

Once your packaging is appealing to kids, you will inevitably get their attention. When kids are hooked, they will do their best to satisfy their curiosity. We all know that nothing can stop curious and simple-minded kids. 

  • Double the kid's fun and excitement
Kinder's plush toy packaging is full of exciting chocolate products inside. When kids knew about that, they can never get over it until they get one. Marketing to kids must satisfy the most important aspects of their life: fun, play, and sweetness. 
  • Kids highly influence adults' purchasing decision
Do kids have a lot of money to purchase the products? Of course, they don't. Then, who has the budget for it - parents, older adult siblings, aunts, and uncles, grandmas, and grandpas - the elder people, definitely. There is a study that says, 96% of adult's purchasing decision is influenced by kids. Most of your target audience doesn't have a big amount of money yet. But, with their cuteness, no one can say no. 
  • Sustainable packaging
Kinder's plush toy packaging is also multi-functional, isn't it? After eating the chocolates, kids can surely use this as a toy for their never-ending playtime. Who does not like to receive premium merchandise which has a bundle of happiness and fun? 

Our Takeaways

Indeed, plush toy packaging is a great tool to surefire more sales when it comes to marketing to children. It will make more happy kids and increase more profit for you. Looking for plush toy packaging services? 

Here at Chinaplushfactory, we have a highly creative and innovative team who can give you the customized packaging you need. If you dream to upsell even in the midst of the pandemic, contact us now!


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