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Movie Marketing Promotions : Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians : Winter Gnomes Plush Toy Plush Toys are a great and easy way for entertainment studios to market their new movie and also generate money from their licensed characters . It is also easy to simulate a brand into a plush toy by manufacturing something that is associated to the brand. For example, the Jurassic Park Movie might be more inclined to make plush toys of dinosaurs.  One of the projects we've worked on before was with our client : Dreamworks who were at that time promoting their new movie : Rise of the Guardians.  In the movie, one of the most beloved characters were the winter gnomes - a group of people which played a big role alongside their main protagonist : Jack Frost.          Winter Gnomes  As part of this project, we were assigned to design and manufacture the plush toys for the winter gnomes. These plush toys were distributed as freebies for the audience that were attending their movie premiere.  Promotional plush toys like these definitely

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