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Custom Design Plush Toys: Building Consumer-Brand Relationships

Touching the emotions of the customers is one thing but having a deep connection is another. When you are targeting children, one of the best tools should be a custom design plush toy. But then, adults who are kids at heart are also fond of it. In this blog, discover why plushies touch the emotion of these groups in the market.  Emotional Triggers to Affect Customer Purchasing Behaviors Human decisions are most likely triggered by emotions. As marketers, it is highly important to understand what are the factors that influence the buying behaviors of your target market. Once you tap this information, you can now relate to their pain points and can now address the right solution.  Fear There are a lot of things that frighten people. The fear of being alone, being left behind. For kids, they have so much fear of being left alone at home or in their bedrooms. This is the reason why parents buy stuffed toys that kids can hug in the middle of the night.  Trust What makes a customer loyal to

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